Friday, 27 March 2015

Chatterbooks at Egham Library

The children at Egham have finished reading all titles for the Surrey Libraries' Children's Book Award and voting has taken place.

Here is a selection of our book related work:


All the books received enthusiastic reviews. Now we are looking forward to seeing which one will win. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Voting day in China Class

The big vote
The children had been looking forward to casting their vote and they had been making notes in their journals to help them to make their BIG decision.  Some children had been very sure of their vote all week but other children were still trying to decide between their two favourites this morning!

They were given the opportunity to vote on the interactive whiteboard or out of view and most children wanted to use the whiteboard (and even those that did it in secret went straight back to their table and told their friends who they voted for!)

Their main comments were along the lines of............."it was so hard to choose!"

The whole class is looking forward to attending the book awards and sharing their love of the books with everyone there.


The 13th Fairy - Trial Report

Grimbleshanks is found 'Not Guilty' of the attempted murder of Princess Beauty.

Lawyers for both the prosecution and defence put forward strong arguments for their case, calling a multitude of witnesses and questioning them thoroughly.

All witnesses promised to tell the truth in front of the whole court.

The jury took their role very seriously and had a difficult time making their decision. The foreman took votes and returned their verdict of 'not guilty' to the shock of the court.

Grimbleshanks was delighted by the verdict and threw her hat in the air with joy.

Lawyers for the prosecution objected and informed the judge that they would be appealing against the jury's decision.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The 13th Fairy

Grimbleshanks is going on trial in China Class tomorrow. 

She is charged with attempted murder. 

Will she be found guilty or innocent?


Currently we have lawyers in China Class working on the case.

Lawyers for the defence believe she is innocent and simply a misunderstood person. She did after all take in a poor old homeless crow, so she can't be all bad. They are preparing their witnesses for giving evidence, including Bill, Mrs Tripe and the lady who works at the Post Office.

Prosecuting lawyers however believe she is a witch (just look at her!) who fully intended to kill Beauty and have witnesses they believe will prove it including the Captain of the Guard and two of the Good Fairies.

What do you think? Guilty or innocent?

We will let you know the jury's verdict once the trial is completed tomorrow!

Friday, 20 March 2015

A visit by Kaye Umansky

The wonderful Kaye Umansky, author of The 13th Fairy, visited St. Martin's Junior School, Epsom, Leatherhead Trinity School and Bookham Library Chatterbooks Group

Kaye entertained and inspired children and teachers alike with her songs, poems and stories.  A brilliant day was had by all!  Thank you Kaye!
Dragons at New Monument Primary Academy

There were plenty of dragons in evidence when Garry Parsons, illustrator of The Dragonsitter's Island, visited New Monument School.

The children really enjoyed meeting Garry


and drawing their very own dragons

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Queen Sardine

China Class had a visit from Kate Willis-Crowley on Tuesday 17th March and they were all really inspired.  Kate showed us how she generates her ideas and she gave the children a challenge to create an expressive face with a set number of lines.

Here are the children's comments following her wonderful visit:

My favourite part was when we drew a picture.

I really was happy because I learnt a lot.
I learnt a lot about how to write a story.

I learnt a lot about authors.

I felt like I could write a book.
My favourite part was when we did the beginning, middle and end.

I loved it when we did the pictures.
I feel really lucky because probably no-one else would have had Kate in their class and we have enjoying her book.

I feel lucky because no other class did what we did with Kate.
My favourite part was when we were doing some illustrating on our paper.

l learnt more about
I was really inspired by Kate because she told us a lot about books.

I was over the moon because I have never seen her before.

I learnt a lot about how to write books and I was really excited about Kate coming.
I felt happy about Kate coming.

It was a great experience to see a book awards author and she is a very imaginative writer.
I felt over the moon because I learnt more about authors.

I just felt I was writing it all by myself in my head and it was really fun because I’ve never seen a real life author before.
I was just literally amazed to see the real life author of Queen Sardine.

I felt inspired about what it is like to be an author and it gave me more confidence to write books.
Last time when I tried to write a book I was struggling a lot but now Kate has visited, I know what to do to write my book.

I felt really happy because I have learnt more to write a story.
I was really joyful when we were doing the drawings.
When I was doing my picture she was really kind to me.

Friday, 13 March 2015

A Great Day Out with Josh Lacey and Garry Parsons

On Wednesday 11th March, we had a brilliant visit from Josh Lacey and Garry Parsons (author and illustrator of The Dragonsitter's Island).

Josh visited St. Nicholas' C of E Primary in Shepperton and Our Lady of the Rosary RC Primary in Staines, while Garry went to New Monument Primary Academy in Woking and Ongar Place Primary in Addlestone.

They both then joined forces at Chertsey Library for an after-school session talking to members of Addlestone, Ashford, Egham, Shepperton and Walton Chatterbooks children's reading groups.

Here is Josh reading from one of the Dragonsitter books, while Garry illustrates it:

And Garry rose to the challenge of drawing the Mona Lisa in the wind!

A huge THANK-YOU to both of them for a great day!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Queen Sardine

Queen Sardine loves fishpaste sandwiches. Ivy hates them!

This is our menu of disgusting sandwiches!