Saturday, 17 February 2018

Haslemere Library's Chatterbooks group have now read 'The New Adventures of Mr Toad - A Race for Toad Hall' by Tom Moorhouse and 'The No. 1 Car Spotter Fights the Factory' by Atinuke. We discussed past and present differences between 'The Wind in the Willows' and 'The New Adventures of Mr Toad' and, we discussed the 'strange things' that happened in 'The No.1 Car Spotter Fights the Factory'.  Activities included word searches, a quiz and maze about Africa and, making 'Wanted' posters.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Children's Book Award 2018

Happy new year! Introducing the working group for the 2018 Surrey Libraries Children's Book Award - drum roll please...!

From left to right: Neil Richards, Katherine Hyland, June Hughes, Lorna Dicken, Owen Dixon, Jayne Mairs, and Carol Hales!

Let's find out what they have to say about this year's shortlist:

The New Adventures of Mr Toad by Tom Mooorehouse

This Wind in the Willows re-boot launches Mr Toad and Ratty into the 21st Century, with a crash, a bang and lots of laughs, on an epic adventure to save Toad Hall.
- Neil

Bookshop Girl by Sylvia Bishop

I love the notion of the Montgomery Book Emporium - you can imagine a different room for each sort of book, like the very stark, efficient room that houses the dictionaries and the twinkling, starry room full of space books.
- June

A Jar of Pickles and a Pinch of Justice by Chitra Soundar

These four stories are full of wit and wonder – I loved the glimpse into Indian culture and folklore that they provided. Prince Veera and his best friend, Suku, bring wisdom and humour that runs through each and every tale.
- Lorna

Me and Mister P by Maria Farrer

'Me and Mister P' is a sensitive and funny book with a great feel good factor! Mister P is a polar bear with a big heart, who arrives on Arthur's doorstep and changes their lives forever. I love the way he brings everyone together and finally enables them to achieve their dreams.
- Jayne

 The No. 1 Car Spotter fights the factory by Atinuke

What I love about 'The No. 1 Car Spotter Fights the Factory' is that it deals with issues of development, pollution, and employment in a lively, warm-hearted story for young children, while still highlighting the seriousness of the issues. Oluwalese Babatunde Benson (The No. 1 car spotter in his village) is a brilliant character - resourceful, quick-witted, and fun.
- Carol

Friday, 26 May 2017

And the winner is....

Yesterday, eight Surrey schools descended on Dorking Halls for the Surrey Libraries' Children's Book Award Ceremony. After a fun filled morning which featured everything from dramatic reenactments to a song referencing all of the books, the moment everyone was waiting for came when Dave Pigeon written by Swapna Haddow and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey was declared the winner.

Here's what Swapna had to say about the day.

The attending nominees (and winners) - Francis Blake, Simon Cherry, Swapna Haddow, Sheena Dempsey and Tony Bradman.

In demand! - Francis Blake gets Swapna Haddow's autograph

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Reigate Chatterbooks read the Bolds to the Rescue and vote for their favourite shortlisted title

Last week, Reigate Chatterbooks discussed their final title on the Children's Book Award shortlist, "The Bolds To The Rescue". They also cast their vote for the winner!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey come to East Surrey

Last week, Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey, author and illustrator respectively of Dave Pigeon visited Langshott, Sandcross and Reigate Library's Chatterbooks Group.

Evil squirrels, fairgrounds and ninja chops - the schools got very creative while Sheena storyboarded their ideas - live!

Mean Cat was "wanted" at Langshott

Some great work produced by Sandcross

Members of Reigate Library's Chatterbooks were lucky enough to meet Swapna and Sheena

Friday, 28 April 2017

Simon Cherry and Francis Blake at Ripley

This afternoon, Simon Cherry and Francis Blake visited Ripley Primary School, featuring some great artwork by Francis!

Reigate Chatterbooks read Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot

Reigate Library's Chatterbooks group have been reading Horatio Clare's Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot this month. They discussed anthropomorphism followed by a quiz on the best animals in literature.